What about My Fractured Cheekbone?

By 7 March 2019TORTURE

What about My Fractured Cheekbone?

First Published on 28th December 2017

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Joseph de Saram was tortured during the Psychiatric Fraud of December 2015. As part of that he was repeatedly hit in the face by Edward de Saram and/or the parties he had brought. Notwithstanding the serious injuries inflicted Joseph de Saram was mentally alert and there was no stress-induced psychosis to the disappointment of Joseph’s assailants…

One of the most obvious things apart from the severity of my facial injuries in the confirmation that both EDS and PDS are absolutely unconcerned for my injuries, which they themselves have caused.


These actual recordings contradict the facade that they present to third parties, as being doughting parents…

Malice Aforethought – n.

1) the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. Such malice is a required element to prove first degree murder.

2) a general evil and depraved state of mind in which the person is unconcerned for the lives of others.

The Depraved State of Mind - Malice Aforethought

The mens rea for the offence of murder is ‘malice aforethought’. Malice Aforethought – n. 1) the conscious intent to cause death or great bodily harm to another person before a person commits the crime. Such malice is a required element to prove first degree murder.


Note the similarities in the affected facial contour…

Cronulla captain Trent Barrett out for rest of season with fractured cheekbone and eye socket

THEY have climbed off the bottom of the table with a series of gutsy performances, but the Sharks were last night sent hurtling back towards the wooden spoon with star playmaker Trent Barrett ruled out for the rest of the season with a fractured cheekbone and cracked eye socket.

20151219 214705 11 Joseph De Saram Praxy De Saram Fractured Cheek Bone Who Will Pay

Excellent example of a Police technique – PDS decides to cough repeatedly instead of answering a legitimate question in relation to

“Who’s paying for my Cheekbone?”


Coughing Cheaters

The Police and/or their Investigator agents are blatantly interfering with judicial proceedings that I am involved with in Singapore and Australia. When I am seeking legal representation even from UK Attorneys, they seem fixated with these non-UK jurisdictions and it seems that there is a deliberate attempt to fabricate something massive against me to cause me unnecessary hardship and ‘soften me up’.

Then the following up question of

“Who’s going to pay for the pain of the shit being kicked out of me, who’s going to pay for that?”

receives the typical response from PDS of ‘playing dumb’ and then her evasive responses which do not address my actual concernes.

20151219 214705 12 Joseph De Saram Edward De Saram Videos Cheek Bone Damaged

One of the most irritating things about PDS is that her poor self-esteem means that she has been a doormat for an entire life. As such when she is in a position of ‘power and control’ over someone such as I, then she becomes ‘bolshy and tries to exert pseudo-power.” 

But the bottom line is that neither parent gives a shit about what they have done 🙂

“I found two videos today, when I was on the roof, like all the carry-on downstairs about Money Disruption.”

Jason and the Aldridgenauts

I had noticed a Jason Aldridge from late 2015 early 2016 had been looking at my LinkedIn profile. I will locate those logs in due course but around the same time I noticed various accesses from obviously associated parties, often concurrently.

and then

“Then you come to a decision whether this charade is going to continue because my cheekbone is all damaged, and I don’t feel very well after having my face kicked in, so you really need to look at the entirety of stuff…”


Universal Jurisdiction in Torture via Section 134 UK Criminal Justice Act 1988

“THE POLICE BEAT ME UP” I am in the process of writing a number of articles in relation to ‘Evidence of Military Intelligence Operation was Destroyed via Psychiatric Fraud’ and this article “Universal Jurisdiction in Torture via Section 134 UK Criminal Justice Act 1988“ is one that I will be referring to. I will insert initial evidence into this article however.

Types of Fracture

While some facial injuries are minor and heal quickly, some can be life-threatening. Facial fractures have the potential to interfere with your ability to breathe or see. Whenever you’ve had facial trauma, it’s important to get medical attention immediately so your doctor can diagnose the extent of the injury.

Here are the six most common types of facial fractures:


The nasal bones are thinner than the rest of the facial bones, plus they protrude from the face. Thus, they’re the most likely to break. Some signs of a nasal fracture include a nosebleed, bruising, difficulty breathing through the nose, swelling and pain. The nose may look crooked or bent.

2. Frontal Bone

The frontal bone is in your forehead. It’s most likely to break after a high-impact hit to the front of your head. The bone is the thinnest in the middle of your forehead, so this is often where the fracture happens. Since it takes a powerful force to fracture the frontal bone, you may have other injuries as well.

If your forehead looks like it has been pushed inward or you have sinus pain, you could have a frontal bone injury.

3. Zygomatic Maxillary

Your cheekbones are known as zygomas. They are attached to your upper jaw (maxilla) in multiple locations. A zygomatic maxillary fracture is typically characterized by a flat cheek, a change in sensation underneath the eye and problems moving the eye above the affected cheekbone.

4. Orbital

The orbital bone, or eye socket, may fracture after blunt force trauma, such as on object hitting the eye. You could have an orbital rim fracture, which is the thick outer part of the eye socket. A blowout fracture means there is a crack in the lower portion of the eye socket, which can restrict eye movement. A direct orbital floor fracture is a break in the lower eye socket.

Blurry vision, numbness around the eye, swelling and significant bruising can all point to an orbital fracture.

5. Mid-face

Swelling anywhere on the face could point to a mid-face fracture, also known as a Le Fort fracture, which is categorized as I, II or III. What each type has in common is the fracture of the pterygoid processes, part of the sphenoid bone. Inflammation or deformities on the face could indicate a type of Le Fort fracture.

6. Mandible

Your mandible, or lower jaw, is integral to talking and eating. A fracture in any part of the mandible will affect your ability to open your mouth. You could also have broken or loose teeth. If you have severe pain when you try to close your mouth, any numbness, or you feel like your teeth don’t fit together right, it’s time for an evaluation.

Let Northeast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery diagnose the extent of your facial fractures and recommend the best course of treatment. Whether you simply need watchful care or a skilled surgical repair, our team can help.


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM